Hervey Bay Jazz Club Christmas Party!

A big thank you to Hervey Bay Jazz Club for having us at your Christmas Party!
Thank you John Park for these fun photos and Chrissy First for your very lovely review. We wish you all the very best for Christmas and look forward to returning in 2018! xo
From the President’s pen…
Oh, what an evening! The Kitty Kats just kept it coming to our 135 attendees on the 24th! New gowns, some new songs, some old songs, acapella and the 5-piece band were all thrilling and entertaining. The 5-piece backing band were sensational & the production, as usual, was very polished.
Highlights for me – when Michelle was married recently, Susanne & Renae sang “If I Had Words…” at the wedding, and sang this for us as we watched the video on the back screen; a selection of Elvis-tunes with base, Michelle singing his part (and it’s all about the base you know Sopranos’!) Massimo Sportelli (drummer) playing his spoons on his thigh whilst the gals sang “Heart of Glass”; Susanne stepping up a vocal-notch with Edith Piaf’s “Non-Regrets,” in Tres bonne French! WOW!!
Renae then did her step-up with a Coltrane-like “Favourite Things” WOW again.
NB: A personal word of gratitude for Susanne’s goose bump generating rendition of Edith Piaf’s “Je ne regrette rien” – (Ma chanson préférée – John) …and she (sort of) promised me she’ll do La Môme Piaf’s first ever hit, “La Vie en Rose” (1947) as well next time! Definitely “une chanteuse superbe”!