WOW!!! What an amazing show!! Thank you to The Kitty Kats for their show last night at the fundraiser I attended. These girls are incredible!! If you have not seen them yet you had better do so soon before they are whisked away to bigger and better venues. Everything about this performance was superb. The voices sensational, the harmonies were pitch perfect, the choreography, the acting and the costumes all deserve a large applause. Which is certainly how they were received last night. Thoroughly entertaining! Thanks Susanne Campbell, Michelle Brown and Renae Suttie for a fabulous evening. You Kats were grand. Will be seeing you soon at QPAC. xx

– Sue Bond, Educator/Vocal Coach/Jazz Singer


“Wonderful afternoon – “THE KITTY KATS” really put their heart and soul into entertaining us! Renae, Susanne and Michelle worked the audience with their saucy moves and sassy songs; feather duster ‘tickles’ and didn’t the ‘boys’ love it :  “Not only a feast for the ears, but a feast for the eyes too!” Three sparkling costume changes, a variety of jazz, swing, boogie and blues, as well as a bracket of old-time rock’n’roll mixed with acapella and a touch of classic ballads kept the pace interesting and appealing.  Worthy of a much greater audience range than just jazz fans, we hope The Kitty Kats will return to a bigger Bundaberg stage.  Really a top-class act and we are proud to have been part of it.”

– Valerie Brown, Bundaberg Jazz Club


“Dear Renae, Susanne and Michelle, I just wanted to touch base with you to thank you so much for you fabulous performance on Saturday night at the Mater Little Miracles Ball.  The guests absolutely loved you guys and we have received a lot of positive feedback – both on the night and into this week from guests and Mater Foundation staff.  I have been told on a number of occasions that guests were up on the dance floor much earlier than at any other Ball and the most guests ever on the dance floor, so that’s a sign that everyone was enjoying themselves!  I had several guests come up to me on the night and ask who you ladies were as they loved you so much! The night was a huge success, tickets sold out and it was our largest event to date, with 840 guests.  We raised $180,000 on the night and overall it was a fantastic night, so thank you for being part of it.  Thank you again for such an awesome performance and for being so lovely to work with.”

– Ruth Hutchin, Fundraising Coordinator, Mater Foundation


Oh, what an evening! The Kitty Kats just kept it coming to our 135 attendees on the 24th! New gowns, some new songs, some old songs, acapella and the 5-piece band were all thrilling and entertaining. The 5-piece backing band were sensational & the production, as usual, was very polished. Highlights for me – when Michelle was married recently, Susanne & Renae sang “If I Had Words…” at the wedding, and sang this for us as we watched the video on the back screen; a selection of Elvis-tunes with base, Michelle singing his part (and it’s all about the base you know Sopranos’!) Massimo Sportelli (drummer) playing his spoons on his thigh whilst the gals sang “Heart of Glass”; Susanne stepping up a vocal-notch with Edith Piaf’s “Non-Regrets,” in Tres bonne French! WOW!! Renae then did her step-up with a Coltrane-like “Favourite Things” WOW again. NB: A personal word of gratitude for Susanne’s goose bump generating rendition of Edith Piaf’s “Je ne regrette rien” – (Ma chanson préférée – John) …and she (sort of) promised me she’ll do La Môme Piaf’s first ever hit, “La Vie en Rose” (1947) as well next time! Definitely “une chanteuse superbe”!

– Chrissy Hirst, Hervey Bay Jazz Club President

“Today I had the good fortune to attend a Lend Lease sponsored event in Forest Lake, where the absolute highlight were the Kitty Kats.. They were sensational, with songs ranging from the Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller, Piaf, etc. Their costumes were excellent, and their voices are ‘delicious’, from soft and romantic, to sassy and dare I say it, sexy. Wherever they perform that should provide a defibrillator to ensure the audience survive the range of emotions I witnessed today !!! Ladies, it was a pleasure to see you perform today, and to meet you after the show to grab an autograph on your CD cover. I am now an official Kitty Kat groupie, and proud of it !! Very stunning, and particularly Michelle.” 

– Gary Webb

“Parading Australian flags, they prowl through the audience, about to pounce onto the stage in honour of Remembrance Day.   CATTITUDE fever is what Noosa had right through Saturday night. As the Kitty Kats sharpen their claws for an unforgettable performance of razzle-dazzle jazz, cabaret, French chansons, swing blues and even a touch of gothic rock and calypso, ‘feline good’ is imminent.    While the fever rises through the roof, Noosa is hotter than ever before. And so is the elderly woman at Table 12 who wears that leopard-print coat like a booty heroine – yes, booty is well and truly back, thanks to these wild Aristokitties and without restraint or Kategorisation. Why hold purrfection back?
Regardless of the age gap, I click with two children sitting opposite me but their sweet demeanour is not the reason, rather, clicking ones fingers together is simply not a choice. And neither is involuntarily getting out of one’s chair to dance to this infectious, sassy trio whose harmonious repertoire would make even an Aristocat swoon. The cheeky interplay of melody, harmony and rhythm exudes a mix of raunchiness, elegance and classy razzmatazz, is purely to blame.
Remembering those who served in WW1 is both virtuous and dignified and The Kats prove this is not all show. The odd tear is noticeable as Ireland’s unofficial national anthem, ‘Danny Boy’, could melt even the hardest of hearts.  Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’, sung with passion and humility, evokes the wonder of whether most selfless warriors of the Battle of Somme agreed with fallen British soldier, Lieutenant Eric Heaton, “I cannot tell if it is God’s will that I shall come through, but if I fall in battle then I have no regrets save for my loved one I leave behind.”  Meanwhile, Vera Lynn’s, “We’ll meet again” reminds us of the incredible hope of loved ones back then, which empathetically moves viewers to the very core.  The French theme is continued with Chanson D’Amour”, which excitedly interacts the audience with the verse, ‘Ra da da da da’ and an end promo of the famous ‘Manhatten Transfer’ due on the Gold Coast in February ’19.  Such is the Kitty Kats – community focused and cat-alysts for change.
These artists aren’t no alley cats. Experienced professionals in their own right, it takes more than a whisker to balance class and depth with cheeky and sassy in good taste for such a memorable event of iconic stature. The privilege of knowing the Sunshine Coast has three diamonds in the rough, all different but united as one glittering Pink Panther, acts as another reminder of how lucky we are to live here. Whoever said that cats are selfish belong to a tactless species.  These Kats give it all they’ve got.  And they’ve got a whole lot more to give to the Sunshine Coast and to the world.  Look out – booty is back and it’s here to stay! And that’s fur-real! 😉<3”
– Jacqui Trewin, Sunshine Beach 

“If you haven’t seen these girls perform, you are missing out on 3 of the greatest vocalists in this country. Ripping harmonies and an incredible stage show makes The Kitty Kats a must see. The show is sexy as, and that’s coming from an old rocker!”

– “Phippsy”, Television Presenter


“It is my great pleasure to recommend The Kitty Kats for a Regional Development Australia grant. The Kitty Kats have a massive following on the coast, not just for their musical prowess but their energy and positivity. When I heard about the Bringing Booty Back project I was so excited. Michelle, Susanne and Renae embrace everything positive about womanhood. They are local role models with a great story to tell. At 92.7 Mix FM we love having The Kitty Kats in the studio and will provide all the on air support we can for Bringing Booty Back. Bringing Booty Back is local, it’s fun and it’s important. I wish The Kitty Kats all the luck in the world.”

– Caroline Hutchinson 92.7 Mix FM


“I finally got to a Kitty Kats concert and boy that sure was worth the wait! I knew it would be memorable with three power-house singers (Michelle Leanne Brown , Renae Suttie and Susanne Campbell) but their impressive vocals were ideally showcased by their amazing harmonies and skilful arrangements. As you would expect the band of Marnix van Bruggen, Andrew Suttie, Michael Gillespie, OJ Newcomb and Steve Francis, were certainly up to the task providing just the right amount of grunt and groove!”

– Geoff Norris, Jazz Photographer


“What a night at BJC – not only one of THE best spots to watch the Riverfire fireworks, but then a night of THE best music to follow.  The Kitty Kats were absolutely amazing – such brilliant vocals and harmonies and song list and backed by such a fabulous talented band.  No one wanted the night to end!  So good.”

– Brisbane Jazz Club

“Totes fangirling on this crew! Can you exude much more fabulousness in one trio?!?! Sexy, smart, funny and freaking talented. Those voices OMG!! Everyone was blown away by your voices. Such admiration for all of you, and your generosity to a good cause. Smokin!!”

Evie Teasdale, Wedding Celebrant

“Just watching you bootiful beauties at the Swedish club gala dinner … you guys are absolutely fabulous and are totally making the party ! So great to hear so much talent and just the right amount of sass! You’ve got yourself a new fan!!”

Katie Tinning, Swedes Down Under

The Kitty Kats are the key to easing traffic congestion… very smooth!”

– Brad @ Australian Traffic Network, ABC 90.3 FM


The Kitty Kats. Best. Evening. Ever.”

– Dave Hambly


“You can’t have an event without The Kitty Kats!!”

– A happy audience member 🙂

The Kitty Kats brought such fun this year. We loved your professionalism, energy and wonderful support of Brisbane Sings.

– Michael Wilson, Brisbane Sings 2018

It’s not every day I get to ‘partay’ with a jaguar, leopard and panther all at once.  But last night was pretty “spesh”.
You see, I didn’t need much ‘purr-suasion’ to nominate these three FABULOUS individuals for the Noosa Queensland Day Awards.
Walk away from one of their performances and you feel like a million bucks.
But while you do, here’s a CAThartic reminder – they’re not just all feathers, sequins and stilettos!
The Kitty Kits have a heart of gold – REAL women with a REAL connection to their community.
This award just adds another notch of awesomeness to their furry belts.
Congratulations Renae, Susanne & Michelle.
You are all so booty-full!

– Jacqui Trewin, 2019 Noosa Qld Day Awards

“The Kitty Kats…Wow!!! You have a new big fan in me, you were absolute professional superstars…amazing talent!!!”

“Hey girls… loved, loved, loved your performance at the Masquerade Ball last night. Just want to thank you for your fabulous entertainment.”

“The Kitty Kats always put on such a fabulous performance and have done so much for worthy causes in South Africa. Thank you.”

“The Kitty Kats – lovely voices. Enjoyed them Saturday night very much.”

“The Kitty Kats were absolutely entertaining and wow these gorgeous ladies really know how to perform.”

– Sunshine Coast Masquerade Ball 2019

Purrtinent date with the Kats!
As Noosa Northshore residents return home in the aftermath of raging bushfires, some seek refuge, as The J at Noosa, becomes a smouldering all-female powerhouse.
But this time nobody dares to evacuate.
Sashaying onto the stage dressed in white ruffle neck satin blouses with black velvet tights, The Kitty Kats are smoking hot, as the only thing contained are the bushfires.
Nothing is held back when you’re flying by the seat of your leopard skin pants. The show must go on.
Cutting loose on a Thursday night is a KAThartic choice for some under the circumstances, thanks to this selfless trio who resonate class from the word go with Bassey’s, ‘History Repeating’, as the first line:
“the word is about, there’s something evolving”,  proves just that.
But that ‘something’ in the air is an act of love with the burning desire for the community to ‘soldier on’ to the melodic tunes of jump blues, cabaret, swinging razzmatazz jazz, opera and rockabilly, despite this volatile bushfire season.
Performing ‘La Vie en Rose‘, a song about seeing the world afresh, through rose-tinted glasses, helps to momentarily forget the sweeping of ashes left behind, only to be swept off one’s feet by touching words of Parisian panache.
As Chanson D’amour continues the French theme, the Kats pounce off the stage to prowl through the audience as they interactively sing its verse with fans along the way.
Jaws drop in awe as Orbison’s song, ‘Crying’ brilliantly sung with such passion evokes a poignancy enough to move you to the depths of your soul.
Who needs rain when the audience could almost cry a river?
But then the Kats break the drought further with a moving tribute to a Blondie fan sitting at Table 3, with an original cover version of ‘Heart of Glass’ boasting phenomenal three-part harmonies, as she holds her heart, completely unshattered by the touching gesture.
These exquisite harmonies sung to smooth, funky rhythms are enough to ignite passion as ‘Sway with me’ lures those onto the dance floor, while joyful laughter echoes throughout, with ‘Candy Man’ sweetening the accelerated pace.
This is what the doctor ordered, as come what may, the winds of change have no mercy amidst a raging fire.
But like emergency services come to the rescue, so do performers like The Kitty Kits to nurture the soul against the backdrop of a world-class five-piece band, aka ‘The A-Team’.
It seems leopard print is the new blueprint for bringing booty back, which is exactly what these kitties achieve with a pinch of cheeky slapstick thrown into the mix to uplift anyone who’s had a bad day.
Singing “Everybody wants to be a cat” rings even truer after intermission, as the Kats, adorned with exotic feathered headdresses and fishnet stockings to boot, inspire every woman (and man) to release inhibitions lay dormant.
In fact, Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1952, Albert Schwzeiter, nails it with his quote, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats”.
Last night proves that very refuge was found in a sassy cocktail of “strength, resilience…and sex”, which is how a Kat describes the song, ‘Queen Bee’ – enough to remove any emotional sting soothed by the ‘ROARchiness’ of The Kitty Kats.
Sinatra’s, ‘That’s Life’ ends the gig with the verse reflecting a mood of those wanting more, as it’s sung with sad irony.
But as Noosa enters further into the wild PAWtal of The Kitty Kats’ world, it’s yet to discover more than booty to bring it back into celebrating that leopardess within. 🙂

– Jacqui Trewin, Sunshine Beach 

The Kitty Kats did not disappoint this afternoon/evening! Such a tremendous time we all had at The Kitty Kats Christmas Party with a heap of us just singing & dancing & eating. Thanks to all my friends for coming out and supporting the event and the people who bought our 2018 calendars. Much love to Michelle, Renae & Susanne for your love & support with the Vintage Calendar Girls this year, and all the many charities you support in and around the Sunshine Coast. Proud to know you guys. Have a great Christmas. Love Shelagh and her entourage.”

– Shelagh Brennand, Vintage Calendar Girls

Thanks Kats for such a fabulous show yet again.. You delivered not only wonderful dance music you also gave us a delicious smorgasbord of costume changes that were visually enchanting.

– Deb Milka

Hervey Bay Jazz Club president Chrissy Hirst said they enlisted the “party gals” to celebrate the club’s 14th birthday. Performing with a five-piece band, Ms Hirst said the girls were wonderful vocalists who were always popular when they performed in the Bay. “They dress up beautifully, absolutely gown themselves up or gown themselves down, they’re very cheeky,” she said. “They come out into the audience and usually find a ‘victim’ to have a bit of fun with as well. “And they always play a variety of music, not just jazz, they’re just ultimate professionals and they have fun too. Ms Hirst said jazz was a wonderful and varied genre of music and encouraged non-club members to attend the show. “It’s not a matter of just going on the same old boring line, they’ll take risks and they’ll go out musically, so it’s always refreshing and there’s such a variety of music in jazz,” she said. “You have the slow bluesy type, you have the upbeat, you have the instrumental, you have meaningful lyrics, it’s a fabulous genre.”

– Chrissy Hirst, Hervey Bay Jazz Club President

Another fantastic night of entertainment at the Sea Breeze Club House with the Kitty Kats. A big thanks to all those who worked very hard to make the night such a success. The Kitty Kats were great as usual.

– Palm Lake Resort Bargara

Testimonials from “Bringing Booty Back” 18+ Cabaret 2017

“Wow what a great evening it was….and every entertainer was amazing….I just love The Kitty Kats and wish you all the very best for what ever your dreams may be!!” – Love, Beverley Kelley

“Was a great day for all. Thanks for having us on board. Look forward to future shows.” – Rick Lewis, Line Etc Sound.

“Congrats on a fabulous night.” – Sheridan Stewart, ABC Sunshine Coast

“Congratulations on a fantastic night of Bringing Booty Back. Thanks so much for inviting Muses Trio to be a part of such an epic night of creativity celebrating women in all guises. What a fab event full of booty and deliciousness. Well done Kitty Kats! Looking forward to working with you again – fantastic production all round xo Much love, Lou, Christa and Therese.” – Muses Trio

“Just a taste of the fabulous entertainment tonight in The Brewery at the ‘Bringing Booty Back – Celebration of the Female Form’ cabaret show, as part of the Horizon Festival of Arts & Culture.” – Imperial Hotel Eumundi.

“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the event as it was so much fun! Hard work doing both the event and the extra shoots but was very fun! Have been telling everyone about it and I think you should do one on the Gold Coast.” – Rich Hoven, Rich Events Photography.

“Thanks for bringing together all these wonderful women that I now call friends.” – Megan Gill, Photographer

“Best night ever.” – Misty Bland, Vintage Calendar Girls

“Thanks so much ladies for all your organising efforts. Great night.” – Kayleigh McMullen, Absolute Aerials

“Magical.” – Debbie O’Leary Hill

“What a joy to do what I love. Anything that has to do with art and music blows my mind and I enjoyed every bit of this fantastic evening! What a privilege it was to be part of the “Bringing Booty Back” Event, part of the Horizon Festival in Eumundi, and what a joy to work with these stunning and very talented ladies “The Kitty Kats“. Massive thanks for having me and my model Panda Reigh and congratulations on a fabulous night. It was such an honour and so much fun as well. -Personal record time of 2 hrs, 15 min Body Paint! I cannot thank you all enough for such a wonderful night. I truly appreciate all the kind feedback and certainly hope your guests liked my work. You are all so talented and beautiful people. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this fantastic event! Thank you so much for everything. It’s very refreshing to work with beautiful people like you.” – Fran Catford, Body Art By Fran.

“Thanks ladies I enjoyed so much even though out of my comfort zone. You all made it a experience to remember.” – Vintage Calendar Girls model, Lorrie-Beth

The Kitty Kats did such a fab job of organising this evening and it was a hoot. So many came up to Deb and I to say how much they were enjoying themselves. The Vintage Calendar Girls..that’s you..were brilliant!” – Vintage Calendar Girls, Shelagh

“Where do I begin??? Thank you Renae, Suz and Michelle for months of planning that culminated in a superb evening – a massive congratulations to The Kitty Kats and thank you for inviting us to parade at your gig.” – Misty Bland, Vintage Calendar Girls

“What an amazing day. I love The Kitty Kats. They were fabulous performers.” – Deborah Hammond

“It was such an honour to spend the day with such inspirational, wonderful, powerful women. What a joy you all are.” – Vintage Calendar Girls Model, Rachel

“Was so much fun ladys Thankyou.” – Maya Ruv’e

“Goosebumps and tears all in one hit!!! TheKittyKats playing the VintageCalendarGirlsInc intro they created for us at Horizon Festival of Arts & Culture. Smooth and powerful voices breathing a vibrant soul into our cause. We are so honoured to have Michelle, Suz and Renae as Calendar Girls this year as well.” – Vintage Calendar Girls

“It was a fun night with some amazing women. Awesome event and fun to be involved!” – Gina Fink, Savage Public Relations

“What an amazing night with The Kitty Kats, Bringing Booty Back.” – Jenni Cecelia Matthews

“I really loved the show! It was just fabulous.” – Fiona Maclean

“Thank you so much for having me a part of your bootiful bootilisious event!! The night went off!! You girls are absolutely glamorous Queens!! Looking forward to working with you in the future again one day.” – Christie Murphy aka Litta Maree

“Amazing, world class, brilliant, funny, engaging, fabulous and everything in between.
Obviously beautifully crafted, choreographed, curated, produced and presented so well done to all involved, look forward to more to come.” – Di Mills, Horizon Festival